July 6, 2014 4th SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST — Tone 3. Ven. Sisoës the Great (429). Ven. Sisoës, Schema-monk, of the Kiev Caves (Far Caves—13th c.). Uncovering of the Relics of Holy Princess Juliana Ol’shánskaya (16th c.). Martyrs Marinus and Martha, and their children, Audifax and Abbachum (Habákkuk) and those with them at Rome: Cyrinus, Valentine, and Asterius the Presbyter (269). Martyrs Isaurius the Deacon, Innocent, Felix, Hermias, Basil, Peregrinus, Rufus, and Rufinus of Apollonia in Macedonia (3rd c.). Martyr Quintus of Phrygia (ca. 283). Virgin Martyr Lucy, Martyr Rixius, and those with them at Rome: Martyrs Anthony, Lucian, Isidore, Dion, Diodorus, Cutonius, Arnosus, Capicus, Saturus (Satyrus), and others (301). Synaxis of the Saints of Rádonezh.
Fr. Dimitri Cozby

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